Massive Red Flowers at Whole Foods in Greenwich Subject of Much Gawking

Customers of Whole Foods Greenwich as well as passers by on East Putnam Ave cannot help but gawk at the massive red flowers that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere this August.

The towering flowers, which are the centerpiece of about a dozen beds, were swaying in the breeze Tuesday afternoon, thriving in defiance heat in excess of 90°.

One commenter on Facebook said her family calls the top heavy flowers “muppet plants.”

Another said the flowers look like like trolls, “but in a good way.”

Another commenter called the funny looking flowers, “Dr. Seuss plants.”

According to Maggie Bridge, the flowers are Amaranthus,  and Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses had a few varieties of the flowers available by seed, but not that exact one at Whole Foods.

“We have gotten questions about them,” she said. “We love them!”

Bridge said having interesting plants can be a wonderful conversation starter.

“All the more reason to incorporate unique selections into your containers and landscapes or even in the home,” she said.

Amaranthus, well over 4 ft tall, sway happily in the hot breeze on Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018. Photo: Leslie Yager