Greenwich Community Gardens “The Big Tomato” Set for Oct 3 at Mill Street Bar & Table

Greenwich Community Gardens is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming third annual “The Big Tomato” Party, which will be happening this Tuesday, Oct 3, 6:30 – 9:00pm at the Mill Street Bar & Table in Byram.

Besides being a special evening at an extraordinary local restaurant with an exquisite menu created just for the party by executive Chef Lazlo, this is the organization’s big fundraiser for the year and a local celebration of this unique community asset.

Greenwich Community Gardens will celebrate its 10th year as a community of gardeners in 2018.

“‘The Big Tomato’ helps us make healthy food accessible to all,” said Terri Browne Kutzen, Greenwich Community Gardens’ chairwoman. “Our patrons’ support makes a tremendous difference by enabling us to promote healthy living through gardening and garden education, and by growing hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each year for our local food pantry clients — so that all Greenwich residents have the opportunity to know where their food comes from, and that it is organically-grown.”

Founder and president, Patty Sechi, said, “As I am embarking on my own new adventure soon and moving to the beautiful state of Virginia, I am forever grateful to all of the friends and supporters who helped me get the first community garden in Greenwich started and supported us throughout the past 9 years to get us to where we are today — from 11 gardeners in 2009 to two big, beautiful organic gardens with over 200 gardeners and their friends and family, and 65 preschoolers in our kids gardening program in 2017! We are a more vibrant and enthusiastic community of gardeners every year and our message about ‘knowing the story of your food’ becomes more vital as each year passes.”

There is still time to RSVP online for “The Big Tomato” at

The evening includes great door prizes donated by local patrons and businesses and live music. “The Big Tomato” is sponsored by First County Bank, Greenwich.



  • peterfalexander

    Patty Sechi deserves better.
    I was excited when she started this endeavor. But realized original location was in Sub Watershed that included Town Dump runoff. Had my Surveyor legally get soil samples (duplicates are still stored) & independent analysis showed levels of toxins similar to Love Canal that I worked on. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital was there to help. Town reaction as advised by Con. Commission raised beds 4ft. Brave Dawn & Mighty Mike went on to test Western Mid fields. Besides getting legal department to try to prosecute them, they get no credit for our Town for doing something even if it is just another cover-up.
    Hope we can invite her back to enjoy food that is far more likely to be safe than now.