Special Education Legal Fund (SELF) launches 2020-2021 grants program

Special Education Legal Fund Inc, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and co-founded by Greenwich residents Christine Lai and Ulrika Drinkall, is pleased to announce that S.E.L.F. is now accepting applications for the Legal Assistance Program for 2020-2021. The Legal Assistance Program provides qualifying families with grants of up to $5000 for legal support from a qualified special education attorney. To apply, families must reside in Connecticut or Westchester County, NY, have a child with a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and adjusted gross income (AGI) of below 300% of the federal minimum poverty level.

This year, S.E.L.F. will accept applications from families residing in all school districts in Connecticut and Westchester County, including Greenwich.

Special Education Legal Fund (S.E.L.F.) provides resources and knowledge to families in need to promote full advocacy for children in the special education system. S.E.L.F.’s Legal Assistance Program provides grants for legal support from a qualified special education attorney to families in need with children in special education in Connecticut and Westchester County. Since 2018, the Legal Assistance Program has provided over $275,000 in legal support grants to families in school districts in Connecticut and New York.

Special Education Legal Fund also supports families with children in special education though the Parent Education Program and through the Agency Education Program, which provides nonprofit and agency partners with resources to assist families in navigating the special education system.

S.E.L.F. also supports ESL/ELL families with children in special education through its groundbreaking Proyecto de Educación Especial (now available online), a special education/civics/communication curriculum presented with the support of Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

For more information about Special Education Legal Fund or to apply for a grant from the Legal Assistance Program, please visit https://spedlegalfund.org