River House Awarded Matching Challenge Grant – Spector Family Offers Opportunity Out of Love for Grandparents

River House Adult Day Center was awarded a 3:1 Challenge Grant by the Robie and Scott Spector Fund at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation to directly benefit the “Fund a Client” scholarship program.  This program is already in place and directly benefits the clients in need who would not be able to afford the day care services that they require.

River House gives older adults a place to belong while their caregivers receive peace of mind.  River House offers health services including personal hygiene and bathing, socialization and recreation, and caregiver and family support.

“I loved my grandparents… I think of them when I look in the faces of the clients at River House and am grateful that these seniors can partake in this essential program.   Senior assistance is one of the most under- funded needs in our community,” stated Ms. Spector.

“It is heartwarming to see the staff of River House provide an outstanding level of kind, respectful, professional care to our senior community,” she continued.”But, they need funding to provide services for the most vulnerable. I hope the community will join us in this effort to bring much-needed funds to River House.”

The grant from the Spector Fund provides a $3 match for every $1 contributed up to a total match of $20,000.  This unique challenge is focused on garnering new supporters.  100% of the donations generated will go toward client scholarships.

“Robie and Scott Spector have a strong commitment to strengthening the organizations they support and inspiring others to give. They are amazing philanthropic role models,” said Nancy von Euler, Vice President of Programs at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

River House has never turned away anyone based on their inability to pay.  If you would like to contribute to the scholarship program, please visit www.theRiverHouse.org.

“We are overjoyed by the generosity and support of the Robie and Scott Spector Foundation.  Robie saw the benefits of our program the minute she walked through our doors and she immediately offered to help. We are honored and grateful to receive this support, ” said Donna Spellman, Executive Director of River House Adult Day Center.

To learn more about the programs, visit www.theRiverHouse.org.