Needs Clearing House Partners with Multiple Groups to Assist an Expectant Mother Who Needs Kidney Surgery

NCHIn a coordinated effort to help one young person living in Greenwich with financial difficulties, alone in this country and dealing with both a pregnancy and serious medical issues, at least eight organizations were mobilized by The Needs Clearing a House (NCH) in the space of a few hours.

According to Joe Kaliko, the effort was the perfect demonstration of the “clearing house” nature of the non-profit he leads.

Kaliko said NCH is working with Bridgeport’s April Barron of the charity Helping Hands Outreach (HHO)  to help the woman, a 23-year-old Greenwich resident with a severe kidney problem, who is also 24 weeks pregnant.

The two charities will assist the woman get to and through the delivery and the kidney surgery she will likely need to repair a botched surgery from her home country.

Mr. Kaliko said he was contacted by a nurse at Greenwich Hospital who said that for the next 14 weeks, the expectant mother will need food and transportation to and from the hospital. Mr. Kaliko tells Greenwich Free Press that the young woman is living in a one-room apartment in Greenwich and has no family or income.

According to Mr. Kaliko, NCH has arranged the transportation through Transportation Association of Greenwich (TAG).

NCH and HHO together will supplement the three days per week of food coming from Neighbor to Neighbor, combined with the other four days worth of food each week until the young woman delivers her baby.

Helping Hands Outreach and Mothers for Others are looking into helping with baby and maternity cloths, Pampers, wipes, and other necessities.

NCH is coordinating with the Greenwich Department of Social Services and Kids in Crisis regarding new born counseling and services, with an eye to helping the mother post-surgery if she needs a further kidney operation or required further assistance.

Helping Hands Outreach (HHO) of Bridgeport, which founded by April Barron after her son was murdered, has been key in helping NCH bring all the pieces of assistance together for this young expectant mother.

Ms. Barron has worked with NCH before on several of HHO’s projects, such as helping a terminally ill brain cancer patient get some much needed cash and a recliner to rest on, and helping the family of a 14-year-old who was caught in the cross fire of rival drug dealers and shot dead on Christmas eve in Bridgeport.

Mr. Kaliko said that Ms. Barron was grateful to the people of Greenwich and the NCH for helping, and was eager to reciprocate.

“NCH and its partners are glad to be part of the solution for this young woman, be able to cut the ‘red tape’ and deliver the needed services with its partners on a timely basis,” Kaliko said.


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