Mystery of the Greenwich Bench at Milbank and Putnam, Chapter 2

bench at the corner of Milbank and Putnam Ave Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.08.18 PMRemember the mystery of the bench at the corner of Milbank Ave and East Putnam Ave? According to Joe Kaliko, after putting out the all-points-bulletin, the bench was never claimed.

Joe reports this Labor Day weekend that work is being done toward giving bus patrons a place to sit and keeping Greenwich beautiful. The old splintered wood has been removed removed. New slats are set to be installed next week, courtesy of The Needs Clearing House, Inc., Joe Kaliko and Harry Kalishian.

broken bench

Broken bench at intersection of Milbank Ave and Putnam Ave. Contributed photo

Original Story, July 27: The Needs Clearing House needs help solving a mystery. At the top of Milbank Ave, by WineWise, Asiana Cafe and Berkshire Hathaway, there is a bench at the bus stop. It is broken and currently wrapped in police tape.

“What an eyesore,” remarked Joe Kaliko, whose organization Needs Clearing House (NCH) is eager to fix the bench.

The problem is NCH doesn’t want to overstep their bounds. Does anyone know who owns the bench?

Kaliko contacted the Town. Al Monelli investigated and determined it is not a Town bench. Nor is it a Mill Management bench (they have the adjacent property). The folks at Berkshire Hathaway said they’d love to see the bench repaired. Kaliko called the State Department of Transportation but learned they don’t own any bus benches.

NCH will fix it or work with someone to fix it for the benefit of bus riders and just to have a nice bench at that busy corner.

If any GFP readers have a clue, please email [email protected] and we’ll forward to Joe Kaliko at Needs Clearing House.

Who doesn’t love a mystery?


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