Barclay Fryery’s Request: Help Me Help Myself

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.57.55 AMA Go Fund Me page, “Barclay Fryery’s Medical Fund,” has been established online to raise funds for Cancer treatment for the longtime Greenwich interior designer. As of June 29, the the page has raised $4,190, with a goal of $30,000.

“I am an interior designer who creates beauty and balance that is suitable, practical and timeless,” Fryery wrote. “Last year cancer appeared and has been in my life center stage, as I was diagnosed and started radiation treatments.”

Mr. Fryery said a recent scan will determine and give Dr. Myron Arlen at Jewish Hospital in Great Neck, NY the insight as to whether a tumor can be removed successfully in July.

Fryery described having gone on a strict diet and herbal extract that was approved for Cancer treatment. “Drinking fresh clean water yes I felt a lot of detox and this weakened me that it has taken a months to recuperate,” he said. “During the fast and detox, I lost so much weight. Devoid of fat at 60 lbs, in addition the added side effects from the radiation daily treatments left me emotional and physically fatigued.”

Fryery has been unable to work since mid last year, and will need surgery which will prevent his working for the rest of the year.

“As I have been sole person to make my income, my health crisis has turned into a financial crisis,” Fryery wrote.

“This is my first Go Fund Me account. It was created to help me help myself,” Fryery wrote, adding that the $30,000 he hopes to raise will pay the doctor his operating fee and hospital stay, and to cover living expenses for a short time post surgery recovery.

“For years I have supported those in need, doing fund-raisers for others, making donations to those in need, and giving free advice to those who could not pay,” Fryery wrote. “Now I am reaching out to you, our community, for the support that I so deeply need.”

Lastly, Mr. Fryery shared a piece of advice. “Make sure you have the best health insurance plan in place and you have a sizeable savings put away for the unexpected,” he said.