Acacia Lodge No. 85 Donates 100 Christmas Trees to Local Families

In 2018 Neighbor To Neighbor came up with a list of 20 approved families that each received a Christmas Tree courtesy of Acacia Lodge No. 85. Thus began a tradition!

Again this year Acacia Lodge partnered with Neighbor To Neighbor. Earlier this month they distributed Christmas Trees to 100 families!

The trees, 6-footers from Vermont, arrived in town just after Thanksgiving and were distributed at Neighbor to Neighbor  30 trees at a time on December 7, 9 and 10.

Acacia is honored to have partnered once again with Neighbor To Neighbor to successfully donate to families in need this Christmastide.

Acacia Lodge looks forward to next Christmas to donate just as many, if not more, trees to families in 2020.

Any eligible family is able to reserve a tree for next season by calling Neighbor To Neighbor at 203-622-9208.

The donation was done in the memory of Acacia Lodge’s first Worshipful Master, Luke A. Lockwood of Riverside, and in memory of our most recently departed Brother, David N. Theis.