UPDATE: Friend Joins Jeffrey, the Friendly Blue Budgie Found at Tod’s Pt

Jeffrey and Josephine

Jeffrey and Josephine hanging out in Greenwich. Both were found around 4pm on Monday Aug 14 on the east side of Greenwich. contributed photo

Jeffrey and Josephine

Jeffrey and Josephine

UPDATE, Aug 15, 2017: Local rescuer Tina Aronson receoved word from a Riverside mom  on Monday night saying, she too had found a blue Budgie around the same time Jeffrey the friendly blue Budgie planted himself on the concession stand at Tod’s Point.

The second bird was found in the Havemeyer area, not too far from where Jeffrey landed.

The second bird, whose foster family is calling Josephine, has now joined Jeffrey in a spacious bird cage and both are waiting to see if their owner comes forward.

Original story, Aug 14, 9:00pm: On Monday evening, a little blue Budgie landed at the south concession stand at Tod’s Point, and stayed a spell.

Concession stand workers noticed the bird was very friendly because he flew away and then returned, coming very close to the people in and around the stand.

What to do?

While there are parakeets who make Tod’s Point their home, this Budgie, who concession stand workers decided to call Jeffrey, obviously had been someone’s pet.

A Budgie, short for Budgerigar, is a type of parakeet. They are a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrots.


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Concession stand workers found a milk crate and Jeffrey hopped right inside.

Then, volunteers from Pit Stop Rescue, a division of Cat Assistance, arrived with a small bird cage and Jeffrey hopped from the crate to the bird cage.

On the way to the pet shop for bird seed and a bigger bird cage, Jeffrey chirped happily. It wasn’t long before he ate a bird seed dinner and had a nice drink of water.

If by chance Jeffrey belongs to you email tea66@optonline.net


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  • thegorn

    If you see a parrot or budgie other than a monk parakeet, be sure to capture it. It needs to be in a home. Budgies in particular are ill equipped to live in the wild.