Eversource to Deliver Two Big (14 Ft Tall, 148,000 Lbs) Pieces of Equipment to Greenwich This Week

Eversource announced they will coordinate delivery of two large pieces of electrical equipment to the new substation on Railroad Avenue in Greenwich between Wednesday Nov 6 and Friday Nov 8 between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm (weather permitting, in accordance with the Dept of Transportation permit)

The new equipment will step down voltage from the regional electric grid to the local system serving our residential and commercial customers.

Each piece of equipment is more than 14 feet tall and nearly 148,000 pounds, requiring a special truck for delivery which is about 140 feet long.

With a police escort, thee convoy will travel at about 10 mph from New York into Greenwich.

“The delivery is part of a transmission system upgrade designed to boost system reliability and improve the flow of power to the town,” Eversource said in a release Monday.