Cos Cob Businesses Work Together to save Trees

Greenwich residents have shredded over 30 tons of sensitive and personal paper which equates to about 557 trees during five shredding events over the last two and one half years.

“Mission accomplished, well not exactly,” said Frank Gaudio of The First Bank of Greenwich. “But we have created momentum and awareness.”

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Stephen Tedesco standing, James Savage, Chris Walker, Jimmy Santaguida, Frank Gaudio (behind branch), John Howland, CEO of Bank. Contributed photo

The First Bank of Greenwich and Santaguida Sanitation generously sponsor shredding events to provide a safe way to destroy sensitive documents while keeping paper out of the trash. Recycling paper saves trees.

Event Sponsors planted an Oak Tree at the entrance to the Island Beach parking lot where the shredding events take place. It’s all about Trees.

Trees combat the greenhouse effect by removing carbon dioxide from the air and producing oxygen

Trees can cool city streets and parking lots by up to 10 degrees in summer

Trees help prevent soil erosion and reduce runoff by breaking rainfall

Trees provide food for humans, birds and wildlife

Trees reduce violence. Barren neighborhoods have been shown to have a greater incidence of violence in and out of the home. Trees help reduce fear.

Trees improve quality of life in a neighborhood

Trees block unsightly views and muffle sounds from roadways while absorbing dust and wind

The next shredding event is Saturday, November 1st at Island Beach parking lot from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Cost is a can of tuna or fruit per box to support local Thanksgiving food collection, or $1 per box. Email: [email protected]