Camillo Designates Kenny Santoro Day, for Camp Simmons Camper-Turned-Staffer

First Selectman Fred Camillo designed August 24 as Kenny Santoro Day. In a proclamation, Camillo said that over the course of 20 years Kenny had been both a Camp Simmons camper and staff member. He was a camper from the age of six, and until he was 12.

“In addition to making friends with a lot of campers from different schools he enjoyed canoeing, archery, nature and swimming,” Camillo said.

Kenny has worked at Camp Simmons for 10 years, starting as a lifeguard at the pool where he also taught swim lessons and for eight years. He has also been the archery director, hosting the Archery Olympic each summer.

Camillo said Kenny is very safety conscious and great with all of the different age campers.

“He enjoys seeing campers smile when they hit the bullseye on the target and when they learn the proper stance,” he said. “Kenny enjoys watching campers grow up to become staff member like he did.”

Don Palmer, Vice President of Programs and Youth Development, shared that Kenny is a great staff member because he is dependable, enjoys what he does because Camp Simmons is a special place to him.

“He knows the campers are in good hands when he sees Kenny walk into camp each day,” Palmer said.

Counselors at Camp Simmons with Kenny Santoro and First Selectman Fred Camillo. Contributed photo