VIDEO: Grace Notes 50th Anniversary Celebrated with Publication of Oral History at Greenwich Library

On Thursday afternoon the Grace Notes sang at Greenwich Library to commemorate the publication of an Oral History on the local volunteer women’s a cappella group.

The Grace Notes have embraced the concept of music as therapy. In fact, for over 50 years they have been inspiring, delighting and soothing audiences. Their talent and professional rigor have been enjoyed in a variety of venues, including hospitals, schools, nursing homes, private homes, and even, on Thursday the Greenwich Library.

During the event Sally McHale presented copies of the book “Grace Notes: Fiftieth Anniversary, 1967-2017” to narrators Helen Bingaman, Maggie McGirr and Donna Moffly.

The Oral History includes interviews with Maggie McGirr, Donna Moffly and Helen Bingaman, a former longtime director.

“Grace Notes have brought a lot of fun and a lot of joy to a lot of people over the years,” Mrs. Moffly said. “In return the audiences have brought a lot to us, including lasting friendships. We sort of have a sorority that will go on forever.”

Because, after weeks of rain, the skies finally cleared up, and the Grace Notes started their performance by singing “Blue Skies.”

After singing by the welcome desk the group performed on the second floor and in the children’s room.

The Greenwich Library Oral History Project began in 1973 as a project of the Greenwich Historical Society. It was established at the library in 1974 and is sponsored by the Friends of the Greenwich Library.