iCreate at Bruce Museum is an Exhibition Run by Students and Their Artworks

Bruce Museum

The iCreate program held at the Bruce Museum is an annual art competition that recognizes talented young artists in New York and Connecticut.

With over 500 submissions from 28 regional high schools, the wide variety of styles and subject matter is remarkable.

Not only is each piece applauded for its technical sophistication, but also the thoughtfulness and personality of each piece compels us to look at the deeper meaning. The goal of iCreate is to give students the opportunity to be recognized by a respected institution like the Bruce Museum and to encourage them continue pursuing their artistic endeavors. Approximately 40 pieces have been selected for the exhibition and will be on display from June 12 until July 26.

One of the most exciting features of iCreate is that it is entirely student-oriented. Not only are students involved in creating the artwork displayed, but also in producing and running the exhibition. The [email protected] team is comprised of high schools seniors and college students who are committed to organizing a successful and professional exhibition featuring the work of our peers.

“As art students ourselves, we are eager to give back to the community that fosters creativity among young students,” said Julia Bunte-Mein, who is interning at Bruce Museum. “It has been extremely rewarding to be part of this process, and we hope to have made an impact on a competition that will be running for years to come.”

Throughout this process the students have received an incredible amount of support from donors, volunteers, staff at the Bruce Museum, and sponsor organizations. “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Fairfield County Community Foundation, and Margaret Anker for supporting student work and making iCreate possible,” Bunte-Mein said. “The students are grateful to the renowned panel of judges, including Dan Buckley, Stacey Gershon and Sue Brown Gordon, who spent hours carefully considering and discussing each piece.

Lastly, the students are grateful to Mary Ann Lendenmann, the program manager for [email protected], to whom iCreate owes its existence.


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