Greenwich Decorative Arts Society to Host Lecture on David Webb, Quintessential American Jeweler

The Greenwich Decorative Arts Society, founded in 1985, is hosting a lecture on Monday, December 5 at 1:00pm on the quintessential American jeweler, David Webb, presented by Levi Higgs, Head of Archives and Brand Heritage at David Webb, New York.

David Webb’s jewelry is synonymous with strikingly bold colors and large scale – and remains astonishingly popular today, nearly 50 years after the designer’s early death in 1975. The tens of thousands of sketches that David Webb left behind not only document his evolving style – but provide his eponymous firm with a treasure trove of designs that has kept it in business to this day. Webb was one of America’s premier postwar jewelers and his designs were largely tailored to a young and stylish clientele with a growing taste for a more casual style in women’s fashion. Although most widely celebrated for his animal bracelets, which began steady production in 1963 and remain the company’s best-selling pieces, Webb’s subject matter varied widely, as did his choice in stones. Color was of paramount importance to Webb. This was evident in his use of brightly colored enamels and precious and semiprecious stones such as coral,turquoise and jade, elevating their importance and incorporating them into jewelry suited to both casual and evening dress.

The lecture will be held in the Parish Hall of Christ Church, 254 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, at 1:00pm, Monday, December 5, and will be followed by afternoon tea. Guests welcome: $25 check or cash payable at the door.

For further information please contact [email protected]