GHS On Stage to Perform The Pajama Game – Reserve Your Tickets Today

On Friday after school GHS theater arts students rehearsed Pajama Game, under the direction of Patty Cirigliano. The production will be performed in the Black Box Theater Dec 12-15, 2018.

Wednesday, December 12 – 4:30pm and 7:30pm
Thursday, December 13, 2018 – 4:30pm and 7:30pm
Friday, December 14, 2018 – 4:30pm and 7:30pm
Saturday, December 15, 2018 – 4:30pm and 7:30pm

Tickets $10. Call (203) 863-8808 or order online

Directed by
Patricia Cirigliano
Technical Direction by
Scott Borowka

Natalee Alicea, Victoria Amador, Sophia Arnaboldi, Izzy Blackburn, Ralph Bologna, Jordan Bowbeer, Delilah Brien, Natalia Cruz, Liza Danielsen, Sofia Degani, Hadley Delany, Keziah Dorneles, Mia Faria, Katherine Feldmeth, Emma Gioffre, Emma Goddard, Makenna Goeller, Andrea Gonzalez, Blake Haber, Brooke Hadden, Alyssa Inness, Joelle Singer Jensen, Tyra Johnson, Rachel Kessler, Lucineh Kechejian, Alexis Killeen, Kate Konigsberg, Bryn Kummell, Olivia Legein, Emily Lanzarone, Jordyn Libow, Michaiah Lopez, David Lowitt, Emily Massam, Christopher McSherry, Kenleigh Merritt, Thea Odice, Jonathan Oliveres-Cardenas, Manuela Ortiz Aristizbal, Isabella Paradiso, Uma Pendkar, Angel Peralta, Harry Perlman, Tyler Phillips, Kaycee Piro, Maggie Polistina, Missy Rabang, Caroline Regan, Valeria Romero, Madeline Sabanski, Stella Santini, Erin Salvate, Will Schenck, Ashanti Senior, Carly Sobel, Marie Sokolova, Ila van Schaik, Nancy Stambaugh, Maya Thompson, Maggie Tone, Maggie Ullrich, Gabriella Vilas Boas, Elmer Vincente, Ben Walker, Daniel Wnek, Ryu Yancy, Madelyn Yu

Production, Crew & Volunteers
Accompanist: Jerold Goldstein

Front of House / Tickets : Sadie Kriegler Crew Foreman: Ashley Macchiavello

Assistant Crew Foreman: Maddy Stewart

Stage/Run Crew: Zach DiBella, Remy Rattner, Melanie Valencia, Madeleine Macora, Sadie Kriegler, Stephanie Ramos, Chazz Bernard, Davit Lowittt

Building and Painting: Theatre Workshop & Stage Craft Class

Stage Managers: Ellerie Brust, Sophie Chaves, Sophie Robertson, Mattthew Sullivan, Ben Wolff

Costume Committee: Lisa Killeen, Kathy Walker, Katy Massam

Cast Dinner Chairs: Lisa Killeen, Kathy Walker

Cast Dinner Committee: Katy Massam, Caroline SInger, Elise Libow

Photography: Carol Santini, Rose Ann Salvate, Mark Yancey

Program: Bette Cruet-Kessler

Student Leaders: Victoria Amador, Ralph Bologna, Delilah Brien, Hadley Delany, Rachel Kessler, Jordyn Libow, David Lowitt, Kenleigh Merritt, Thea Odice, Maya-RT, Stella Santini, Maggie Ullrich, Ila Van Schaik, Madelyn Yu

Pajama Game Honors Assignments:
Racing With the Clock: Hadley Delaney, Kenleigh Merritt
I’m Not At All In Love: Jordyn Libow, Stella Santini
I’ll Never Be Jealous Again: Victoria Amador, Ila Van Schaik
Hey There: David Lowitt, Ila Van Schaik
Her Is: Delilah Brien, Rachel Kessler
Once A Year Day: Maya Thompson, Madelyn Yu
Her Is (reprise): Delilah Brien, Rachel Kessler
Small Talk: Jordyn Libow, Maggie Ullrich
There Once Was a Man: Ralph Bologna, Kenleigh Merritt
Steam Heat: Delilah Brien, Madelyn Yu
Think of the Time I Save: Hadley Delaney, Thea Odice
Hernando’s Hideaway: Ralph Bologna, Rachel Kessler
Seven-And-A-Half Cents: Victoria Amador, Maggie Ullrich

The GHS Theater Arts program is known throughout the state for the quality and diversity of its theatrical offerings. In April 2010, the Educational Theater Association recognized it as being one of the top
programs in the nation. This was the fourth time (the previous three were April, 2005, May, 1995 and June, 2000) the program was cited not just for the superior quality of its productions but for the way its courses and instructors bring theater to students at all levels of ability and interest.

In the most recent survey on GHS alumni assessment of the high school and its programs, Theater Arts was ranked highest (4.65) over all co-curricular activities, including athletics (4.27). In April 1997, the program received the award for Theatrical Excellence at the Connecticut Drama Association festival. In March, 2002, GHS returned to the CDA festival and took virtually every top honor. In March, 2004, GHS returned to festival again, and again received first place honors. In March of 2005 and 2006, we received our fourth and fifth Awards for Theatrical Excellence.