Farewell to “Neighbors” – Beloved Cable Access Show’s Final Episodes to Air on Ch. 79

The sixth season of “Neighbors” will be the last. Producer Vicki Camacho said her public access TV show teaches the basics of chess, movement and song. Camacho is a firm believer that chess teaches impulse control, delayed gratification,  and even prevents bullying. If she had her druthers, every child would learn to play chess at a young age. Camacho’s belief in the positive benefits of chess led to the idea for the long running public access program.

“On Neighbors, we teach the basics of the game through music, movement and song, and we sometimes address social issues like gang violence and bullying,”Camacho said.

Camacho said that when the program first aired in 2010, most of the people involved were volunteers from Greenwich.

“The Allegra Dance company joined us in producing our first episode. They appeared multiple times and returned for the final episode,” Camacho said, adding that everyone at Allegra supported the show, even after the management transition. “Emily Isidori and Carrie Paige have been great team players in the project.”

“When we first started out, we did auditions for kids to sing ‘the chess song.’ One of the mothers mentioned her daughter was dancing to Respect by Aretha Franklin at Allegra,” Camacho recalled. “The mother suggested that since the music is similar, maybe they could dance for the show because they already had a routine in place.”

Camacho said she next spoke to Allegra instructor, Rose Moye. “She made it happen.”

“Then I met Katherine Du after reading her article in Greenwich Free Press. Katherine helps teach on the instructional video.”

Chess Master Rich Jackson also appears in the 6th season. Viewers will spot him in the video too. Mr. Jackson teaches chess at the Byram Library on 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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