Artist Roger Hsia’s Fusions of Sculpture and Paint to be Exhibited at Sorokin Gallery

This summer, North York raised artist Roger Hsia will bring his work to Greenwich. Hsia, also known as “Roget8000,” studied painting at Parsons School of Design and the University of Michigan. He describes his style as centering on materiality especially paint as theme.

Hsia said he “plays with the physical and structural limits of paint, by utilizing the material as a sculptural element on the canvas itself as well as extension of the canvas itself.”

Essentially, Hsia sculpts with paint.

His works explore boundaries and fault lines in societal binaries such as eastern/western and inner/outer space. He won the “Best In Show” Award at last year’s ArtExpo NYC, the largest international art fair in the world, during his first full year of studio practice.

The Sorokin Gallery of Greenwich will be hosting an exhibition showcasing Hsia’s fusions of sculpture and painting starting June 1, and ending June 28.

The gallery’s opening night on June 1 will be 6:00-8:00pm with wine and cheese for guests, and the opportunity to talk to the artist about his incredible works and artistic process.