Arts & the Spirit of Christ Church Greenwich to award $1000 for temporary art installation in association with annual cemetery tour.

Arts & the Spirit at Christ Church Greenwich hosts an annual cemetery tour in October. This year the church plans to sponsor the creation of a temporary art installation situated next to the cemetery at Christ Church to augment the serenity of the cemetery grounds and represent a visual reminder of the beauty of the cycle of life from creation to return to the natural elements it was born from. Genesis 3:19: You are dust and to dust you will return.

This week, Arts & the Spirit has released a request for proposals from Artists throughout Greenwich. The winning proposal will receive a $1000 award plus $500 for materials. “We are looking for a creation that is derived from nature and will naturally return (biodegrade/disintegrate) to the earth within 10 months but can “disappear” as quickly as 30 days,” said Rebecca Fretty, Chair of Arts & the Spirt at Christ Church.

For the full Request for Temporary Art Proposal criteria and application, interested artists should go to
the Christ Church website for details or click here.

The art installation will be placed beside the cemetery behind the annex for the community to enjoy as
long as the temporary installation is designed to survive the elements. The proposal has been shared with
all local art organizations in Greenwich as well as all five high schools in town, where students, faculty and
staff have all been invited to consider a proposal.

Installation will begin as early as this September and the public reveal and cemetery tour will be Sunday, October 3rd, rain or shine at 3pm. The whole Greenwich community will be invited to share in the award presentation to the artist on October 3rd.

Marek Zabriskie shares, “Visual arts are a unique way to enrich our spiritual journey and we are proud of the vast art contributed to Christ Church through the years, from our stained-glass windows to sculptures and paintings throughout our campus.”

All Artist Proposals must be received by the Christ Church Arts & The Spirit Cemetery tour Art Jury no later than Monday, May 24th, 5:00pm EST. The artist will be selected and notified of the award on June 7th. Please email to Rebecca Fretty by email at [email protected] or snail mail attn: Rebecca Fretty, Arts & the Spirit Committee, Christ Church Greenwich, 254 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.

Christ Church’s mission is to seek and serve God in persons, and to provide spiritual nourishment for all who journey to find a sacred home for worship, personal growth, service and community.

The mission of Arts & the Spirit is to develop performing and visual arts programs and opportunities at Christ Church in the belief that the arts provide unique avenues for spiritual experience and growth.

Questions: Contact Rebecca Fretty [email protected]