Another Exciting Artist Talk: Billy the Artist Visits Flinn Gallery

The Flinn Gallery hosts artist talks for all of their exhibits, and lets the public talk firsthand with the artists, to understand why they create the work they make.

“Everyday I wake up with the idea of possibility,” says Billy.

In his talk, this past Saturday, he started with the story of creating thousands of sketch books as a child, to arriving in the East Village of Manhattan and his quest to be a full time artist. His work is on view and for sale at the gallery, until the show closes this Wednesday.

Billy the Artist at the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

Many of today’s accomplished artists not only make great art, but also know how to work the crowds at events where their art is the center of attention.

This is no exception for Billy the Artist, who relished in the opportunity to interact with the crowd of nearly fifty. His talk was informative and humorous as he chatted with great gusto about his passion in the process of creating his art, and how he markets it to reach the public.

Billy looks not only to reach a local market, yet the world. In his quest to do so, he is in partnership with many bands overseas, such the European brand Goebel and Swatch (he wears several watches on his wrist daily.)

Billy the Artist explains his passion for his art. Photo: Karen Sheer

Turning points for him, he explained, were painting a ceiling in the Broadway opening of RENT, and designing graphics for a Mountain Dew bottle, both which won him global acceptance and praise.

His designs, mostly puzzle like images cover many decorative objects, such as plates, mugs and canvases (available for sale at Flinn Gallery) – to race cars and giant murals.

A large vase by Billy the Artist for the European brand Goebel. Photo: Karen Sheer

“Create your own reality” he explained, is his foundation of his belief. Since his work starts with black outlined shapes, mostly with faces and accentuation of eyes, he fills in the spaces with vibrant color.

Billy is well aware that collectors and others love to speak with artists at a gallery with the chance to meet them alongside their art. He uses social networking and public speaking skills to effectively convey who he is and what his art is about, to cultivate and expand his fan base and increase the understanding of his art.

Billy shows many works in a video presentation the Flinn Gallery. Photo: Karen Sheer

“See my art… this is not the work of a tortured artist!” Billy expresses his work “makes people happy.”

Curator Ruth Sutcliffe and Billy the Artist in front of the video screen. Photo: Karen Sheer

Flinn Gallery is located on the second floor of the Greenwich Library. The gallery is sponsored by the Friends of the Greenwich Library and is open daily Mon.- Sat. 10-5, Thurs. until 8, and Sun. 1-5. All works are for sale.
Beyond Street Art runs trough Wednesday, March 7, 2018.