Woman Arrested in Byram after Verbal Argument Escalates to Physical Fight

Ceylan Carlson, 36, of 68 Mead Ave in Greenwich was arrested on March 14 around 5am after an incident on Mead Ave in Byram.

According to Greenwich Police, officers were detailed to a private residence on a report of a verbal dispute.

Upon arrival, officers determined that Ms Carlson had engaged in a verbal argument with the victim that escalated into a violent fight.

Police determined that Carlson became argumentative over a personal matter with the victim, a shoving match ensued, causing a piece of furniture to be broken in the apartment. Also, the apartment had broken glass strewn about where the fight took place.

Both subjects sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Carlson was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Disorderly Conduct and  was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on March 15 and was released.