LETTER: Oct 24 Marks 75th Year of the United Nations

Submitted by David Wold, “Soldier for the UN,” Byram

On October 24th, 2020, the world marks the 75th year of United Nations. It also marks 75th years of no World Wars.

It started as a result of two World Wars in less than 40 years and we hope that United Nations work as had something to do with it.  All over Europe buildings would be “covered” in BLUE, under the “Turn Europe UN Blue” initiative to so support for their effort of  united global citizens and promote the universal language of peace, sustainable development and human rights for all rights on this ONE earth.

A vision the world can only thank USA for spearheading back in 1945 and so graciously have found room and money to host all these years.

It might be symbolic that Greenwich, once considered as a location to host this organization, along with most of America, does not take part in the marking of the 75the year. Nor does America take credit for their endless support worldwide for the values it represents.

From hosting, to being the biggest financial supporter and the endless foundations around America that create and support UN’s efforts around the world – we hear little or nothing about it. But rest assured the UN would not be celebrating 75 years of efforts if it had not been for the United States of America.

But I feel strongly about it this year with 75 years since WWII, the current Pandemic and elections, that we should take a moment and remember. Our leaders should focus their work and efforts to give everyone Freedom, Human dignity/rights, health and education – not to benefit one individual or their family, but everyone. We are only custodians of the World and its resources.

So please wear “UN BLUE” (or at least ‘think’ this Saturday, and if you have time explore https://www.un.org/en/observances/un-day