Sherr, Kowalski: Support candidates who support our schools

Submitted by Peter Sherr and Karen Kowalski, Republican BOE members

We all recently received a mailer from Senator Alex Kasser bragging about her support for schools and children. Too bad most of it is patently untrue. Many Greenwich and Stamford teachers and parents were shocked when our representative pushed for tolls on I-95 against the wishes and interests of her Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan residents.

Kasser’s plan was disastrous for teachers and school employees. In Greenwich, more than half our teachers commute from other towns. 45% live beyond Stamford meaning they commute down 1-95 or the Merritt Parkway. Her toll taxes would have cost teachers and nurses thousands of dollars per year. Who was going to pay for this? A “shared sacrifice” was her answer.

In many cases, Kasser’s plan would have caused teachers to quit and seek employment closer to home. Great teachers would have left the kids they love. Thankfully, Kasser’s scheme failed.

Kasser’s campaign mailer shouts about helping get schools open this fall. A flat lie. Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan school leaders worked all summer to safely open schools. Imagine our shock when we learned that on August 14 Kasser sent a letter to Governor Lamont demanding schools stay closed and not reopen. We can’t find anyone in Greenwich Schools who was consulted or aware as Kasser launched this letter into Hartford.

Just like tolls. Kasser was go it alone against residents’ interests without consulting her constituents about what they want for their kids.
We need elected officials who will collaborate and cooperate to the benefit of Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan’s children. As Board of Education members committed to the education and success of our youth, we ask residents to support candidates who support our schools. Kasser’s record shows otherwise.

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