LETTER: Give voters a real choice in the upcoming special election for State Senate.

Submitted by Jean and Dick Bergstresser

In the up coming special election for state senator in the 36th district (all of Greenwich and parts of Stamford and New Canaan) the two main parties have to choose their candidates in conventions dominated by the previous year’s delegates. There is no primary so a small clique determines who the candidate should be. On the democratic side outgoing senator Kasser’s delegates got to choose her successor. This isn’t right.

A better and more experienced (in business and in government) is John Blankley. He has appeal all across the political spectrum having served in our town politics and government for over a dozen years.

Since he will now appear on the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate he has a chance to empower the independent voters who want only sensible choices, a well-managed state and to have different points of view represented in Hartford. But he now has to petition his way onto the ballot. He’s well along in getting signatures but more are needed and, again, the rules make it difficult for the petitioning candidate because the petition form has to be signed manually – there is no online option. And to make matters even worse the time to collect signatures is very limited. Monday is the deadline.

If you want to make democracy with a small ‘d’ work, please contact John as soon as possible on [email protected] or 203 249 7797 and he will tell you where you can sign his petition.

Give voters a real choice in the upcoming election.

Jean and Dick Bergstresser