Indivisible Greenwich: Trumpism is still alive and fermented throughout our society and at all levels of government.

Submitted by Nerlyn Pierson and Joanna Swomley, Co-Founders of Indivisible Greenwich

Four years ago, many of us saw the threat that Trump and Trumpism posed to our Republic, our society and our way of life.  We knew we could not remain silent nor complicit.  Instead, many of us in Greenwich came together through Indivisible Greenwich vowing to fight Trumpism at every level of government and to ensure that Trump would only be a one-term President. 

So many of us had no grass roots or political experience.  We were just concerned and like-minded citizens dedicated to protecting our democracy and our democratic values for future generations.  We organized and learned along the way the value of making our voices heard and the need to be an active participant if we are to protect and preserve our fragile democracy.  

Although we defeated Trump last November, the last couple of months and few weeks have shown us that Trumpism is still alive and fermented throughout our society and at all levels of government.  Sadly, we’ve seen a large subset of Americans and elected members of the Republican Party abandon democracy by embracing the lies of voter fraud and refusing to tell their constituents the truth – there was no large-scale voter fraud, the election was NOT stolen and President Biden won.  And, even in the wake of an insurrection at our United States Capitol, they refuse to speak truth to power and refuse to put our Republic above their dear leader and grasp for power.  

We can already see the “Big Lie” being used by the Republican Party throughout the country as justification to push for voter suppression legislation or reasons to vote against voter reform. 

In Connecticut, Republican state legislators are already opposing early voting and no-excuse absentee legislation arguing that risk of voter fraud outweighs them. Having just gone through the incredibly successful vote-by-mail during Covid-19, that made merely voting easier with no evidence of rampant voter fraud, shame on them. 

Because of ongoing threats to democracy, we urge you to join us in exercising your civic power to speak the truth, demand accountability, and defend our democratic values, principles and institutions. We ask that you stay engaged at all levels of government, call your federal and state members of Congress often, run for office, campaign for others and for voting reforms, and, above all else,  VOTE in every single election

Today, January 20th, 2021, as we celebrate the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, let’s take heart that 81 million Americans voted for decency, truth and accountability.  

Nerlyn Pierson
Joanna Swomley
Co-Founders of Indivisible Greenwich