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New Plan for Downtown Darien Redevelopment Project: Less High, Less Deep, Less Large, Yet With Bigger Footprint

One of the conceptual drawings in the new plan, showing what part of the project could look like. These buildings mostly have three stories and pitched roofs above them.

In Darien, the big downtown redevelopment proposal for Corbin Drive and the Post Road, with its huge underground parking garage, some high buildings and a showcase “Village Green” park in the center of town, is being scrapped by the developer.

The new proposal, being presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday night: Much more above-ground parking — made more discreet behind buildings and along the highway — one building near the highway that’s four stories high, and a winding, green public space that snakes into the project to take the place of the larger “Village Green” idea. Continue Reading →

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