The Children’s School to Host: The Power of Reading Aloud

“A miraculous alchemy occurs when one person reads to another, transforming the simple stuff of a book, a voice, and a bit of time into complex and powerful fuel for the heart, brain, and Imagination.” – Meghan Cox Gurdon

As a devoted advocate of building the foundations of literacy in even the youngest children through a language-rich environment, The Children’s School is hosting a talk entitled, The Enchanted Hour: The Power of Reading Aloud on November 20 at 7:00 pm.

What’s the secret to raising children who are smarter, happier, healthier, and more closely attached?

One answer, according to Meghan Cox Gurdon – and a wealth of scientific research – is a family habit of reading aloud.

This ancient practice engages the heart and mind in complex narratives, serving as a fast-working antidote to fractured attention spans.

Gurdon, as a mother of five and the Wall Street Journal‘s reviewer for children’s literature, has practical tips and reading recommendations that will inspire parents to share in this life-altering tradition with their children.

The talk will take place at The Children’s School, 118 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford. Following the engaging presentation will be Q&A and discussion. Please RSVP (203) 329-8815 for this free event.