LETTER: Fix GHS Bus and Field Lighting Issues; Keep Later Start Times

Letter to the editor submitted by Susan Capparelle, Nov 17, 2017

I write to express my support, and my family’s support, for later school start times.

My daughter is a sophomore at Greenwich High School, and thanks to later start times the difference for her between last year and this year is unbelievable.

This year she is rested, she can function in the morning, she can speak, she does not look like she’s about to pass out going to school and her mood overall is 100 times improved thanks to that extra hour of sleep she gets in the morning now.

I know that people have been complaining about the lights and the students forced into dark practices and busing problems and I am totally sympathetic to all that and believe that the BoE failed to prepare knowing that these issues were going to come up with the change in start time.

Having said that my daughter is a member of an athletic team that practices six days a week. She is also a band member and an honor roll student, and the start times have only helped her in all regards.

Our family is 100% behind this start time change and hope that it will stay in place as the BoE and new superintendent work to resolve the issues that have arisen.

The Capparelle Family
Cos Cob, CT