Greenwich High School Student’s Promposal Makes its Way to MTV

Back on May 16, just as Greenwich High School seniors were easing into their six-week internships, MTV descended on their high school to film a segment of Promposal featuring 18-year-old Tyler, a lover of all things hip-hop. The subject of his affection, Phoebe, whose passion is ballet.

A May 16 email from student activities director Diane Fox to GHS juniors and seniors proposed a chance to be extras in the MTV taping.

The episode, “Dancing Machine: Tyler Created a Hip-Hop Ballet for His Promposal  features a fake high school assembly.

“We want to highlight our school for them and will be having an assembly for all Juniors and available Seniors on Thursday, May 18th at 2:30pm in the Student Center,” Ms. Fox wrote to students, referring to the fake assembly.

Ms Fox explained that in order for MTV to film, students would have to fill out and and sign a non-disclosure agreement to certify they would not take any photos or videos while MTV is filming and refrain from posting images on social media until after the episode aired.

The students also had to fill out appearance release forms because they would potentially be filmed on camera.

Once the paperwork was completed, students received red bracelets, which served as their admission to the “meeting.”

GHS Headmaster Dr. Chris Winters said in an email, “They are filming a promposal and they want kids behind to make it seem more authentic.”

During the fake assembly, a teacher was interrupted by a hip-hop ballet company called Beat Addikts’ performance. According to a post on MTV on Tuesday, that performance was followed by a hip hop performance by Tyler and his friends who donned silver motorcycle helmets.


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