Greenwich High School Students Share Opinions on Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

FullSizeRender (1)What if Greenwich High School decided to have gender-neutral bathrooms? Upon discovering that President Obama had issued a directive on all-gender bathrooms, this reporter took to the initiative to ask GHS students to share their opinions.

One freshman named Alicia, said that she doesn’t approve of  gender-neutral bathrooms. She added that she’s used to having separate bathrooms for males and females, that having both share one would make her feel “uncomfortable.”

Other students, however, seemed to be more in favor of the proposal. Max, a sophomore, has no problem if GHS decided to have gender-neutral bathrooms. He stated that he’s “never considered it to be a big issue.”

Akine, a junior, completely agrees with the idea and even “hopes that GHS decides to make bathrooms gender-neutral.”

After talking to these students, it came to my attention that if GHS was to ever switch to gender-neutral bathrooms, most students seem to be accepting if such a proposal was to take place.

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  • Frank

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if schools just went back to teaching the three RRR’s? I wish I had a time machine.

  • Rick Rippel

    This must be the real issue of the day. The great divider Obama did it again by changing the focus from the real life altering events of the day, i.e. Terrorism, the Economy and a much needed overhaul of our electoral process.
    He would rather we stand on a divided front of irrelevance compared to the threat of a global Jihadist revolution. If they successfully conquer our Western Civilization unisex or gender neutral bathrooms would no longer be the confusing mind trap that it is becoming. Let’s play some golf and continue to focus on waring with each other instead of coming together as a nation, once great, to recognize and address meaningful change to help all of us not just a select few.