GHS Student Government Update to BOE: Blood Drive, Kindness Campaign, SRO

At the February Board of Education meeting at Old Greenwich School, the leaders of GHS student government shared an update of their efforts.

Ricky Columbo, senior class president, gave an update on work towards unifying the student body at Greenwich High School to make the students feel they are a part of something greater than themselves, and where they feel comfortable and accepted within the school community.

He said student government has initiated a “kindness campaign” to encourage all students to be kind to one another and to respect one another, no matter what their differences.

He said stickers had been distributed that say, “Different ideas, same respect,” and noted that BOE member Peter Bernstein had one of the stickers affixed to his laptop.

“We believe this is a great message to be sent to the student body as it is a reminder to accept others’ ideas and opinions, no matter how much they may differ from your own,” he said. “It’s been great to see the stickers on backpacks and laptops at GHS throughout all grades.”

“We’re also planning to set up random acts of kindness walls throughout the school,” Ricky said. The project involves arranging kindness walls that contain slips of paper with random acts of kindness. Students will be able to take a slip of paper and try to complete the act of kindness by the end of the day.

“We we believe this is a fantastic way of promoting kindness in the community,” Ricky said.

Ricky reminded all that the annual Standing Room Only performances, “SRO,” are set for March 9-11 at GHS.

“Seniors come together to present skits, dances and songs,” he said. “This is an amazing opportunity for so many of us to unify before we go our separate ways.”

Shout out to Emily Bass
Ricky gave a huge shout-out to Emily Bass, the VP of Community Service, who has organized two blood drives at Greenwich High School this year.

He said the last blood drive, held in November, broke the record for most blood donated in one day. Emily is planning another blood drive for Friday, Feb 24.

“I would invite you all to attend and give blood, but we have filled every single possible appointment – and there are 100 of them.” – Ricky Columbo

“We are hoping not to only break the school record again, but also the state’s record. This is a great way to bring the students together for something greater than themselves, help make a difference, and literally save lives.”

Ricky said that overall, the blood drive, SRO and random acts of kindness events should have a positive impact on the the morale and confidence of students.

“We want to make GHS a place where where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated,” Ricky said. “Through these initiates we will continue to make that a reality.”

The topic of guidance was on the agenda at the meeting, and Joe Magliocco, leader of GHS student government shared his thoughts on the topic.

“Guidance in this district is not just limited to those who have it in their job description. The role of guidance should fall to everyone employed in Greenwich Public Schools,” he said. “Whether it be Dr. Winters or a teacher stationed for extra help, guidance can be given in many ways. Whether it is a homework problem, an issue a student is having with a friend or a big life decision.”

“We have an amazing support staff at the high school. It is hard for many of us to recognize how lucky we are to have professionals throughout the building,” Magliocco continued, going on to ask the board to consider the broad meaning of “guidance” when they consider the report on guidance and career readiness.

Lauren Rabin, chair Peter Sherr, and interim Superintendent Sal Corda. Feb. 23, 2017 Photo: Leslie Yager