Cos Cob Elementary School Community Grateful to Crossing Guard, “Miss Barbara”

To the Editor:

This is a note of appreciation and gratitude to “Miss Barbara”, crossing guard for Cos Cob Elementary

Last Friday, Miss Barbara retired from her post at Strickland Road, where she had been nearly every morning, greeting children and families, caregivers and car drivers with her warmth, friendship and caring.

She sprinkled smiles and upbeat greetings as we sent our children off to school, or picked them up at the end of a long day or week. More often, she picked us up with her kindness and compassion, always remembering what our weekend plans were, or whose birthday it was.

It is difficult to put into words the effect Miss Barbara had each day. We hope she knows how much she has meant to our community, through thick and thin.

We wish you a retirement full of fun and joy! Stop by once in awhile and say “hello.” We will miss you!

In gratitude,
The families of Cos Cob Elementary School