Wanted by GPD: Foursome of Men Stealing Handbags on Greenwich Ave

Greenwich Police are looking for  group of four shoplifters who targeted several stores on August 29.

According to Lt Slusarz, the suspects are four Hispanic men, and one was wearing a gray fedora.

First stop, Brooks Brothers at 181 Greenwich Ave. In this incident, the thieves ran in the back door, grabbed a handbag and ran back out of the back door. The store manager who happened to be taking a break out back spotted the men and called police.

The thieves next targeted Hermes at 289 Greenwich Ave for a second handbag. Lastly they hit Saks at 205 Greenwich Avenue for more handbags.

“These were all fast, in-and-out,” Slusarz said, adding that Police are collecting aerial surveillance and continue to investigate.

Police have yet to determine how many handbags were stolen and their value.