Two Dog Bite Incidents Reported to Greenwich Police

UPDATE: Greenwich Animal Control Officer Stacy Rameor confirmed on Tuesday that both dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccinations. The people bitten therefore does not need to proceed with rabies preventive care.

On Thursday, Jan 23, Greenwich Police received reports of two separate dog bite incidents, one on Widgeon Way in central Greenwich and another on Fox Hollow Lane (formerly Mannetti Lane), which is a dead end street off Cat Rock Road.

In that incident police say the incident occurred around 5:30pm when people were playing in their back yard and their neighbor’s dog climbed the fence and got into their yard. A person, 26, was bitten in the back of the leg.

In the second incident, which occurred on Widgeon Way, a high school student was walking home around 2:50pm.

Police say the student reported there was a dog out in the yard and thought it was going to come and play but instead bit.

Lt Slusarz said the victim had puncture marks but was not actively bleeding, and that the dog was brown, black and white.

Slusarz said on Monday that there are no updates on the identity of the owner or dog who bit a youth in Binney Park on Jan 12, 2020.