Tires Stolen from Car Dealership; Metro-North Workers Harassed

On Monday Greenwich Police Lt Slusarz announced a Larceny of automobile tires.

The incident happened at 289 Mason Street, which is the address associated with Honda.

Lt Slusarz said four tires were taken from a vehicle, though the model of the car was not available.

The incident was reported on Dec 13, but took place in the overnight hours between Dec 12 and 13. The case is open and under investigation.

Last fall thieves stole all four tires and their rims from a 2019 Avalon from the Toyota dealership on East Putnam Ave during the overnight hours of Sept 5.

A second case stems from an incident in the area of Carrona Drive in Riverside by the Riverside train station on Dec 12 around 11:00pm.

According to Lt Slusarz Metro-North workers reported being harassed. Slusarz was unable to provide further details as the case is open and under investigation.