Tip About Woman Doing “Whippits” in Riverside Leads to Arrest

On the afternoon of March 5 Greenwich Police officers responded to a complaint about a woman possibly doing “whippits” and attempting to drive in Riverside.

Whippits involve abuse of nitrous oxide as a recreational drug for its euphoric, relaxing, and dissociative effects.

Police arrived at 1233 East Putnam Ave and observed a lone woman in a car improperly parked between two parking spaces with the hood raised. Within the car were numerous nitrous oxide cartridges and a dispenser device.

Investigation revealed the driver, Claire Zang, 51, of Hillcrest Park Rd in Cos Cob, had slurred speech, pinpoint pupils, inability to focus and was unable to walk without steadying herself on her vehicle.

Zang was charged with DUI, Illegal Tampering/Altering an ID and DUI Third offense.

She was charged and released on $500 bond (10% posted/$50) and has a date in Stamford Superior Court on April 2, 2021.