Suspicious Activity at Glenville ATM Leads to Arrest of Trio with 5-Year-Old in Tow

On Oct. 16 around 4:00pm, Greenwich Police responded to the Chase ATM located in the Glenville Shopping Center on the report of two black males that were possibly skimming from the ATM, having been seen  exiting a silver Dodge Charger and withdrawing large sums of cash.

Upon arrival patrol units observed two black males hastily walking away from the Chase Bank area toward the Dodge Charger. The male subject operating the vehicle identified himself as Michael Reid Jr., 22, of 1468 Sutter Ave in Brooklyn, and the other identified himself as Alfred Ingles.

A third vehicle occupant, identified as Vakeshia Wooling, 25, of 2060 Pitkin Ave #4C  in Brooklyn, and a five-year-old juvenile were also present.

Reid Jr. told police that he had just used the Chase ATM and was going back to Brooklyn, and that he had a learner’s permit, which required him to have a licensed driver with him the car to operate. Police were able to determine that neither Wooling nor Ingles had valid driver’s licenses.

Ingles was approached and advised that he did not have a license. He insisted his name was Alfred C. Ingles. After further questioning and investigation Ingles, admitted that his name was in fact Angel C. Ingles, 23, of 529 Milford St Brooklyn. He was subsequently placed under arrest for Interfering with an Officer. Located on Ingles was a Chase checking account receipt.

Minutes after Ingles was placed under arrest, the Chase Bank manager approached officers and provided fraudulent checks that had been discarded in the Chase Bank. The bank manager said the two subjects had discarded the checks and had thrown several ripped up checks under a nearby car.

A canvass of the area located the discarded checks. The bank manager verified that 12 fraudulent checks had been deposited in an account that had been flagged by the bank for fraudulent activity.

Reid Jr. was subsequently placed under arrest. Located on Reid Jr. was $314 cash.

It was established that Wooling had knowledge of the incident and was also placed under arrest. A total of $760 in cash was found hidden on her person. She additionally told officers that she had hidden 13 checks in her underwear and seven checks in her left shoe.

It was also determined that Wooling had stashed a debit card used in the crimes committed in the child’s jacket pocket.

According to police, the trio had deposited or were in possession of 27 fraudulent Chase Bank checks in varying amounts totaling over $4,000, and all three had attempted to mislead officers during their investigation.

According to Lt. Gray, the activity had all the hallmarks of a check skimming case, though it is still an open investigation, and, fortunately an alert individual witnessed the suspicious activity at the ATM machine and notified bank employees, who in turn contact Greenwich Police.

All three were charged with Risk of Injury to a Child, 27 counts of Identify Theft, 27 counts of Forgery 2nd degree, Interfering with an officer, Conspiracy, and Criminal Attempt at Larceny. Ingles was held on $30,000 bond while both Wooling and Reid Jr were held on $50,000 bond.

The Bail Commissioner later responded to Greenwich Police and reduced Reid Jr’s bond to $25,000 and Wooling’s bond to $15,000. Both were were able to post bond and were released.

Ingles bond was reduced to $25,000, which he was unable to post and remained in custody.

All three were assigned a court date of Oct. 23 in Stamford Superior Court.