Strangulation, Assault and Disorderly Charges for Man who Allegedly Attacked Co-Worker in Greenwich

On Jan 5 at about 9:00am Greenwich Police were detailed to 100 West Putnam Ave on the report of an altercation between two employees.

According to Greenwich Police, the  victim, who displayed injuries consistent with being choked, related that he was choked by Leoncio Garcia, 57, of 927 Stillwater Rd in Stamford.

Mr. Garcia denied the altercation becoming physical. However, he displayed fresh wounds to his right arm consistent with someone attempted to remove themselves from his grip.

Witness confirmed that Garcia was the aggressor and followed the victim to the bathroom where the choking took place, witness did not see the choking incident.

“The two employees have had an ongoing dislike for one another,” said Greenwich Police Lt. Gray. “It took a turn for the worse and got physical.”

Garcia was arrested and charged with Strangulation 2nd degree – a class D felony*, Assault 3rd degree** and Disorderly Conduct.

He was able to post a $250 bond and was released. He was assigned a court date in Stamford Superior Court on Jan. 13, 2016

*Strangulation – There are several degrees of strangulation that cover those assaults where someone restrains a victim by the neck or throat and impedes their ability to breathe.

C.G.S. § 53a-64aa – Strangulation in the first degree: Class C felony

C.G.S.  § 53a-64bb – Strangulation in the second degree: Class D felony

C.G.S. § 53a-64cc – Strangulation in the third degree: Class A misdemeanor 


C.G.S. § 53a-60 – Assault in the second degree: Class D felony

C.G.S. § 53a-61 – Assault in the third degree: Class A misdemeanor