Old Greenwich Neighbor Dispute Results in Criminal Trespass Arrest

Greenwich Police were detailed to 1 Random Rd. on a neighbor dispute around noon on Aug. 12.

It was determined that the owner of 1 Random Rd was requesting that the owner of 2 Random Rd, Paul Koch, 55, remove his three vehicles from 1 Random Rd.

Mr. Koch related that since there was an easement allowing his utility lines to be buried under the ground and going under the property of 1 Random Rd that he could go on that property any time and that he had the right to park on that property.

It was explained to him that he did not have the legal right to trespass on another person’s private property and that the easement was for the utility lines, not Paul Koch.

After several hours Koch finally removed his vehicles from the property but kept walking back onto the property. He was informed that he would be arrested for Criminal Trespass 1st degree if he refused to leave.

Koch refused to leave and was placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass. He was released from custody on a Promise to Appear with a court date of Aug. 19, 2015