Neighbor Dispute over Parking Results in Multiple Arrests for Breach of Peace

On May 7 Greenwich Police responded to the area of Richland Road in Byram on a report of a neighbor dispute. Upon arrival police identified Steven David Mojica, 24, of Richland Rd as an involved party. Investigation determined that he was intoxicated in public and that he urinated in the driveway of one neighbor after an ongoing verbal parking dispute in front of the neighbor’s residence.

After urinating in that driveway, the accused threatened to shoot the resident of another neighbor, who had come outside to assist after hearing someone shout to “call 911.”

While verbally threatening to shoot the second complainant, the accused gestured several times to his waist and pants area that he was concealing a firearm.

A search of the accused later revealed that he was not in possession of a firearm or any deadly weapon.

Mojica was charged with Breach of Peace 2 and Threatening 1.

He was released after posting the required 10% of his $10,000 court set bond and has a day in Stamford Superior Court on May 22.

Also arrested was Ashley Villagomez, 20, of Port Chester. Police say that upon arrival they confirmed the involvement Ms Villagomez and that she admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier in the day. Upon investigation she was determined to have acted in a disorderly, disruptive manner while out in public by spitting in the driveway of the complainant and creating a disturbance.

During the arrest of another prty involved. Ms Villagomez again acted in a disorderly manner and interfered with the arrest process. She was charged with Interfering with an Officer/Resisting and Breach of Peace 2.

She was able to post the required 10% of her $5,000 court set bond and she is also due in Stamford Superior Court on may 22.

A third person to be arrested was Devin Gabriel Mojica, 22, also of Richland Rd. Police said that during the arrest of another person involved in the incident Devin Mojica was in the middle of the road when he became highly agitated and interfered with the arrest process.

Police said that after being restrained by a third party, he screamed from the middle of the road, making threats against the police that he was going to kill them. He was charged with Interfering with Officer/Resisting, Breach of Peace 2 and Threatening 2. He was able to post the required 10% minimum of his $10,000 bond and has a date in court on May 22.