Multiple Charges for Byram Man Following Fight

On Oct 12 multiple Greenwich Police patrol cars responded to a residence in Western Greenwich on a report of a physical altercation between a man and a woman.

On scene investigation revealed that Edwin Fabian Quizhpi-Avila, 29, of N Water Street, had gotten in a verbal argument with the victim which then turned physical.

Police say violent and tumultuous behavior occurred within the common room of the apartment, in the presence of another woman resident and her child, and also resulted in injury to the victim.

The injuries consisted of bruising and scratches to the victim’s left inner bicep, where she had been forcibly grabbed by Quizhpi-Avila.

Quizhpi-Avila was charged with Assault 3, Disorderly Conduct and Risk of Injury to a Child.

Quizhpi-Avila was able to post his $2,500 bond and assigned the next available court date on Oct 13.