Larcenies from Motor Vehicles Reported in Pemberwick and Chickahominy

Greenwich Police report that motor vehicle larcenies  and larcenies from vehicles continue and urge residents to lock their cars and bring valuables, including loose change, inside.

“They’ll come into neighborhoods early in the morning or late at night and check vehicle doors to see if they are unlocked,” warned Lt Slusarz.

In the overnight hours on Sunday, two cars were broken into on Rodwell Ave, which is located off Hamilton Ave in Chickahominy near the train tracks: a Toyota Corolla and a Jeep Cherokee were both entered and rummaged through.

Last week in Pemberwick two cars were entered. Around 3:25am a Ford Explorer on Green Lane was rummaged through, and loose change was taken. Also, on Lucy Street, around 3:45am, a 2013 Toyota Sienna was rummaged through.

Both cars were unlocked. Lt Slusarz has repeatedly warn