More Car Troubles in Greenwich: Slashed Tires, Stolen Mercedes

In addition to the stolen cars that resulted in a foot pursuit and multiple arrests around 6:00am on Jan 5, Greenwich Police say that on January 4, 2019  a 2018 Mercedes Benz taken from a parking lot 1309 E Putnam Ave.

That is the address of address Valbella Restaurant in Riverside, located by the intersection of Sound Beach Ave. The car was unlocked and had the keys within.

According to Lt Slusarz, the car’s owner said his car was stolen between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

Next, Greenwich Police received a report of vandalism on Grange Street in Chickahominy.

According to Lt Slusarz, a 2014 Nissan Maxima that was parked overnight between Jan 4 and Jan 5 was the target.

“When the owner came out they discovered somebody had slashed two tires on the driver’s side and keyed the entire driver’s side,” Slusarz said.

That incident was reported to GPD around 8:00pm on Jan 5.