Missing Wallets in Greenwich Are a Reminder of Crimes of Opportunity

Around 11:15am on Labor Day, Greenwich Police say a customer at Whole Foods at 90 East Putnam Ave reported a wallet was taken out of their shopping card.

According to Lt Slusarz within a short period of time, purchases were made on a credit card from the wallet.

Fortunately, the victim was notified by his credit card company of unauthorized purchases.

“Grocery store larcenies are a crime of opportunity,” Slusarz said. “When you turn around to get something off a shelf, someone sees it and grabs it.”

Just down the road, around 11:30am, a wallet was stolen from a customer eating lunch at Bistro Versailles. Lt Slusarz said the victim was seated facing the open front of the restaurant when someone snatched her wallet from her purse.

“As she went to pay for her lunch she realized her wallet was not in her purse and must have been stolen,” Slusarz said. “Subsequent to that, there was one purchase made with her credit card.”

Police are reviewing video surveillance.