Men Charged with Intending to Sell Pot Near Hamilton Avenue School

On Jan 10 around 7:00pm Greenwich Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Charles Street in Chickahominy.

According to Lt Sluszrs police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle, a black Nissan Altima, parked in front of 18 Charles St for an extended period of time.

Slusarz said that the first officer arrived in an unmarked car. As he drove away, he noticed two men got out of the car and start to walk away.

Police stopped the men and questioned them.  Lt Slusarz said that while police were talking with the driver, they found he reeked of burnt marijuana. They looked in his car and found about 80 grams of green leafy substance determined to be marijuana and packing material.

Police arrested Maxwell C Tafolla, 18, of 41 Leonard Street in Port Chester. Tafolla was charged with Illegal Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Possession Near a School, Illegal Possession with Intent to Sell, Possession with Intent to sell Near a School (Hamilton Avenue School) and Operating a Drug Factory.

Tafolla’s bond was set at $500, which he was able to post. He has a court date on Jan 24, 2018.

Police also arrested Alan Acevedo, 21, of 220 Seymour Rd in Port Chester. He was charged with Illegal Possession of Marijuana and Illegal Possession Near a School. His bond was set at $250 and he was also assigned a court date on Jan 24,2 108.