Man Busted for Trying to Open Business Account with Fake ID, Fake Cashier’s Check

Vincio Tavarez. Photo courtesy Greenwich Police Dept.

Vincio Tavarez. Photo courtesy Greenwich Police Dept.

On Wednesday afternoon, Greenwich Police were detailed to Chase Bank on Greenwich Avenue on a report of a man attempting to fraudulently open an account.

Investigation revealed that Vincio Tavarez, 49, of 256 Wadsworth Ave in New York, NY, was attempting to open a business account using a fake New Jersey driver’s license and a cashier’s check in the amount of $36,500 drawn from a fraudulent account.

“Tavarez was trying to perpetrate a bank fraud,” Slusarz said. “He had a fraudulent check and fake driver’s license and thought he’d come to Greenwich and open a business account and get some starter checks. He planned to go and cash or purchase items with, them and then just disappear.”

Slusarz said Tavarez may not have collected all $36,000, and that the checks would bounces.

Tavarez was charged with Identity Theft 2, Forgery 3, and Criminal Attempt at Larceny 1.

He was assigned a court date on Jan 31, 2018. His bond was set at $100,000, which he was unable to post.