Man Arrested at Greenwich Hospital Emergency Dept after Scuffle with Security

A simple request not to smoke in Greenwich Hospital escalated when a man engaged in a confrontation with a hospital Security Officer.

Chester Ozarowski, 60, of 58 Haines Blvd in Port Chester, was charged with Disorderly Conduct after Greenwich Police responded to the hospital’s Emergency Dept on the report of an assault on a Security Officer.

Investigation revealed that Mr. Ozarowski belligerently disobeyed the instructions of a uniformed hospital Security officer who had advised him that smoking was prohibited on the property. According to the police report, when Mr. Ozarowski still defiantly attempted to light a cigarette on the Emergency Dept parking deck and taunted the officer by cursing at him, the Security Officer attempted to remove the cigarette from his hand. Ozarowski physically resisted the Security Officer and a brief scuffle ensued. However, the Security Officer utilized a soft hands control hold, and Ozarowski stopped fighting.

Also, according to the Greenwich Police report, as Mr. Ozarowski and the Security Officer were walking back into the hospital, Mr. Ozarowski aggressively lunged at the officer without provocation to physically attack him, but he was unsuccessful and missed.

Mr. Ozarowski continued to physically resist and fight with hospital Security Officers until he was subdued by additional personnel using “soft hands control holds” on him.

Investigation determined that Mr. Ozarowski unnecessarily escalated a verbal disagreement into a physical confrontation with hospital security personnel, and once the incident has deescalated, he recklessly attempted to assault a Security Officer. He was placed under arrest by summons for one count of Disorderly Conduct and assigned a court date of Marc h 11 in Stamford Superior Court. He was released on a promise to appear in court.

on March 3 at about 11:00pm