Mailbox Fishing Incident Foiled by Greenwich Police

On Monday morning around 6:15am Greenwich Police Sergeant notified dispatch of people “mail fishing” from a blue US Postal Service mail box on West Putnam Avenue.

Mailbox fishing is a growing criminal trend in our region where a crook uses a string to lower a glue-covered device (often rodent traps or bottles coated with an adhesive) down the chute of a blue sidewalk mailbox. This sticky device is “reeled” out and mail containing money orders, checks, and personal financial information is stolen.

Area patrol carswere advised that the suspects were driving a red Honda Civic with New Jersey plates.

Police stopped the red Honda on Field Point Road at Brookside Drive and smelled marijuana coming from the car. Also they observed in plain view items known to be used for “fishing devices.”

After the men got out of the car, police found fishing devices in the Honda’s glove compartment.

A follow up investigation was conducted at the location where the suspects were observed “fishing” and additional devices were located within the mailboxes.

Jordan Shemar Alfred. Aug 20, 2019 Photo courtesy Greenwich Police Dept

Police arrested Jordan Shemar Alfred, 21, of Brooklyn, NY and charged him with Criminal Attempt Larceny 6, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 6, Possession of Burglar Tools and Illegal Possession of Marijuana.

He was unable to post his $5,000 bond. He has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Sept 3, 2019.

Jerry Williams. Aug 20, 2019 Photo courtesy Greenwich Police Dept

Also arrested was Jerry Jared Williams, 21, of Bronx, NY who police determined had a revoked New York driver’s license.

Williams was charged with charged him with Criminal Attempt Larceny 6, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 6, Possession of Burglar Tools, Illegal Possession of Marijuana and License Classification.

He was unable to post his $5,000 bond and shares a court date in Stamford on Sept 3, 2019 with Mr. Alfred.

Greenwich Police Captain Kraig Fray and Lt Martin O’Reilly. Photo: GPD Facebook

Last week Greenwich Police Lieutenant Martin O’Reilly, the Shift Commander, made a keen observation and conducted a roadside investigation into a mailbox fishing incident that resulted in the apprehension of several suspects engaged in mail theft by a means of “mailbox fishing.”

“Lt O’Reilly was working a midnight shift and was driving around in the early morning when he saw a car without headlights on,” Lt John Slusarz said on Monday. “He pulled them over they gave him contradictory reasons why they were there and where they were going. The passenger in the back seat had sticky fingers. That led to more questions and the discovery of the device.”

Greenwich Police coordinate with the US Postal Inspection Service whose primary mission is fighting criminals who attack the nation’s postal system. These suspects will be facing additional charges with them.

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