Thieves Target Multiple Unlocked Cars in Riverside for Loose Change

Police reported that over the weekend there were three larcenies from vehicles in town, resulting in theft of loose change. In the overnight hours between Aug 16 and Aug 17, a Nissan Pathfinder was entered on Breezemont Ave in Riverside.

Two other cars, a Jeep and a Mercedes, were entered on Leonard Ave and loose change was taken.

Also, in the overnight hours between Aug 16 and Aug 17, car was stolen from Dorchester Ave. The car, a Mazda 3 that was taken from the driveway of a residence was later recovered in another jurisdiction.

Dorchester Ave, Breezemont and Leonard Ave area all in the same neighborhood. All the cars had been left unlocked.

In another part of town a 2018 Mercedes GLE 350 was stolen in the overnight hours between Aug 17 and Aug 18.  The car, stolen from lower Lake Avenue was also recovered in another jurisdiction.

Last week, police say credit cards were taken from a vehicle Wednesday morning at the Fairview Country Club on King Street. A day earlier, a laptop and an electronic game were taken from a car on Carrona Drive in Riverside.

As always, Greenwich Police advise residents to lock their cars, bring their keys inside and not leave valuables – even loose change – visible inside the car.