Knife Found on Greenwich Schools Bus

An email to parents on Thursday afternoon alerted them that a knife had been found on a mini school bus today. The email was sent by district communications director Kim Eves.

“We are writing to inform you that we were notified by our bus company (STA) today that a knife was found on one of the Greenwich mini-school buses,” the email said. “We are not aware of any incidents associated with the knife, it appears that it may have been discarded or left behind.”

Eves said the Greenwich Police Department is investigating the incident. “As both parents and educators, we must ensure that weapons of any type are kept at home to protect students from harming themselves or others,” the email said. “We ask for you to partner with us in discussing this issue with your child(ren) to reinforce that these items are not brought to school. In addition, please emphasize that if students see anyone with a potentially dangerous instrument to tell an adult immediately.”